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Lose the Man Boobs and Gain Confidence with CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting for MenWe never want to make light of the distressing problem of gynecomastia. Men with excess breast tissue suffer immensely at terms like “man boobs” and “moobs.” One of the most important facts about gynecomastia is that it is a far more prevalent problem than most men assume. If you struggle with enlarged breasts, you are not alone. Men all around the world struggle with the same problem, but you don’t have to. Dr. York Yates consults with many men about their options for minimizing breast size, one of which does not require surgery.

CoolSculpting for Gynecomastia

In recent years, we have seen a number of new devices enter the market, all proposed to eliminate unwanted fat without surgery. Dr. York Yates has selected  CoolSculpting as the best nonsurgical fat reduction device for our Utah practice because this system has the versatility and the proven track record that our patients deserve. Many men and women have obtained this treatment to reduce belly fat, and to sculpt the love handles, or flanks; but gynecomastia? really?

Digging Deeper

Yes, CoolSculpting is an excellent solution to stubborn fat. Yes, it has been used extensively and quite successfully. The way that this non-surgical, completely non-invasive procedure works is by attacking fatty deposits with freezing temperature. When true fat cells reach a certain temperature, they become crystallized inside. As a result, they are flushed from the body in the natural metabolic processes. Each treatment can destroy as much as 25% of the targeted fat cells in a localized area.

Here’s the thing about gynecomastia: it may not be a fat issue. Breast tissue, even when it is in the “fat” category, is denser than much of the adipose tissue that lingers on the thighs, hips, and stomach. This factor alone may come into play when considering how to sculpt the male breast. A secondary consideration that Dr. Yates makes when approaching gynecomastia is the matter of glandular tissue.

Some cases of gynecomastia are instigated or worsened by problematic glandular tissue beneath the areola, or colored area around the nipple. For many men, this true gynecomastia is coupled with pseudo-gynecomastia, which is related to fat tissue. To reach the desired outcome, which is a sculpted chest without fullness that resembles female breasts, it is necessary to discuss the role of glandular tissue and the potential need to remove it with surgery.

Pinpoint the approach that will reinstate your confidence. Schedule your consultation for CoolSculpting or other gynecomastia treatment options in the office of Dr. York Yates today.

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I had a tummy tuck back in March, I am now 3 months post op and my results have exceeded my expectations. Dr. Yates is very professional, honest and friendly! His staff is awesome and made me feel very comfortable. I will be returning to him for other surgeries in the future. I have also been and will be referring friends and family to him too!


“I can’t say enough about Dr. Yates and his staff. Everyone was so professional yet made me feel completely at ease. Dr. Yates is meticulous about his work and this showed at each and every appointment.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Yates to anyone interested in plastic surgery. Should I ever consider any other type of plastic surgery, I would not go to anyone else.

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